Revolutionary cancer visualization devices that enable “real time”
and “wide field” imaging of cancer margins during surgery.

Our Products

LumaMeds’ products are designed to reduce the need for second surgeries by providing real-time visual images surgeons and attending pathologists can use as visual guides to identify cancer margins during the first surgery avoiding the need to wait hours or even days for results.

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For Surgeons

LumaScan I is a table-top system designed to allow imaging of previously diagnosed, excised tissue and functions as an inverted microscope. It provides intraoperative margin scans within minutes during surgical procedures and is adjunctive to conventional histopathology in that all tissue samples will continue to be evaluated there by for definitive analysis.

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For Patients

We are currently conducting additional clinical evaluation of LumaScan technology on breast cancer patients at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center and are continuing to pursue additional sites for more clinical trial sites. Earlier clinical trials of a prototype of LumaScan was successfully tested on 27 patients undergoing breast cancer surgery at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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